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Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas 2007

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1st Christmas in our new Home...2007

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 years of Love

the 25th of August, 2007

DenzMay's Renewal of Vows...


pardon me for i can't remember which site I have grabbed this pretty plopper...but Thanks a lot, really!

the invite...


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Escape to Puerto Galera

October 21-23, 2006

Hubby's not feeling well lately but yet, he went on with his plan of bringing our family to this beautiful and much talked about place in Mindoro...that is, Puerto Galera. Carrying along with us the eye creams & antibiotics which his eye doctor prescribed, we left Manila as early as 6 in the morning and reached Batangas port before 9. We parked RCB @ 250 pesos/day in a safe parking area beside the port. We then checked in our luggages and needed to pay extra 200 pesos for our Butane Gas and uncooked meat which are not allowed to bring in the island. After an hour plus some sights of flipping dolphins (What a sight that was !), we finally reached our destination...White Beach. There we looked for a place where we can stay for a couple of days and finally we found one which was just perfect for our big family (Ninang Azon and her Kutings *her daughters* went with us as well). Everyone had their siesta & rested after having our sumptous packed adobo rice lunch excluding me...I didn't feel like sleeping at all.

And the reason...? it was all about Shopping hahaha... my shopping eyes saw these bunch of stalls selling galera instead of resting inside the airconditioned room, I have choosen to walked outside and joined the people enjoying the heat of the middle of the day sun...and did my shopping spree ! hahaha...There are lots of very affordable items on sale and I was so happy. Successful ang shopping sa Galera ! Hurray...!

A lot of people gathered outside their huts as soon as the sun settled down and it's party time when the dark skies unfolds...We enjoyed our stay and promised to be back again sometime...the soonest possible time that is! hahaha... the sand might not be that white but the water is as calm as you ever dreamt of during our stay...and hubby's eye...? well let me say...the salt water had been a big help so far...(wink).

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Surprise Birthday Bash for a Very Wonderful Family Man

especially for you papa!

I gave hubby his first ever but simple surprise birthday party the day before his 2006 bday on October 14. It was a Saturday afternoon and his real big day was the following day, the 15th. Planning a surprise party isn’t that easy most especially to the man you love the most. You fear that timing might not be good, or his friends might not make it or the surprise might be spoiled, the planned day might not be perfect…and all that ! I’ve been planning this day a year ago but I can’t find the perfect timing...

I fear and worry about his uncertain work schedule…what if he’s out of the country? How about the place? Will our under construction house be ok by then?…or will hubby appreciate it or not…knowing he’s not fond of petty surprises and those stuffs…but behind all those worries…I still went on with my plan. And this time, MIL’s behind my back supporting me all the way! Hahaha…thank God for having a very supportive in-laws .

To cut the story short, we started with the plan a week and a half away from the said target date. I asked my house contractor if they can fix the lightings in the house and if they can at least set-up one BathRoom for that Big Day. Although the kitchen completion really didn’t make it, still so thankful that there’s lightings, outlets & bathroom. Our house’s still got a long way to go before completion because we’re having financial problems with the contractor. But I don’t wanna talk about that this time..hahaha. But the best thing is that, I was able to convince hubby to purchase the needed lighting fixtures without him knowing nor even give him a slight hint that there’s something going on with the rush. Hahaha. I was so good at convincing him that time and was very glad to have made it without spoiling the surprise.

birThDay BaNnER

I sought Sisterette Agnes's help to take care of the invited Motorolans ( past & present that is) including the Sisses of course. Then I started calling and sending invitations via SMS to his close friends & family. I also made my catering reservations @ Queensland.

Whew !

Everything’s almost set the day before the party when MIL got a txt message from Ninang Azon that there’s gonna be a 3-day scheduled power outage beginning that day . Which means from Friday until Sunday ! What??? And the party’s on Saturday…oh no! you can’t be serious! Of all the days…why now!!! Nooooooo…I felt like peeing on my pants and my sweat as cold ice water right straight from the ref! I hurriedly dialed my contractors number and asked them if they lend us a generator even for that afternoon…and they gladly said yes…whew! So all set again…ready for whatever brown-outs, black-outs Meralco will serve us that day…hahaha… but the bug catch was that...there were no outages whatsoever that day not even until the moment I am posting this...


The D Day…

My problem was solved on how to bring hubby away from the site that day…it so happened that sisterette Brenda’s cute & bubbly daughter Jasmin is gonna have her 2ndBday party @ 1 in the pm. Just so perfect coz’ some of the guests are also attending the party and the surprise…just Perfect!

Cake & Confetti

After Jasmin’s Bday Party which was held in QC…we headed back home but another problem arises…Hubby & the kids wanted to have a shopping spree @ the Coastal Mall…Helloooo! Guests are already hungry waiting for the Celebrant…Oh No ! Will somebody help me!!! Please….hehehe

Happy Birthday Papa!!! We Love You!

Still my boys continued with their plan of stopping by over the mall…I can’t do anything but put on my grimace face and got even nervous and worried for guests were already waiting for us…At Last, they accomplished their guy thingy and I helplessly asked them to leave…but of course without hubby noticing anything at all…isn’t it hard to pretend nothings going on…hahaha…better try it yourself ! hahaha

And off we went….broommmm…hurray we’re moving and getting closer…I texted MIL of the changed plan…my 1st plan was to get all the guests upstairs and the others at the backdoor and when we got home they’ll pop-out and surprise hubby…but I thought about it twice and changed the plan…I asked them to just stay sitted on their tables and just be quiet until we get there and I’ll just blindfold hubby when we reached the guardhouse. And that I did, Upon entering the Village’s Guard House…I asked hubby to park and stay at the backsit…I blindfolded him and told him to just please stay put and pls. don’t peep…hahaha…I then handled the steering wheel and drove until we reached the site and then Thank God, for everything went on as planned and was very successful !

We had a Blast! Thank you guys who joined us for this very memorable surprise party…! God Bless…

with my sisterettes & their family

And to Papa…Happy Happy Birthday…we love you so much! Muahhh!!!
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Monday, August 28, 2006

We’re 9… (DenzMay as husband & wife)

Our lives changed when we embarked into another journey which blessed us with 3 wonderful kids and a close to perfect married life…and that was 9 years ago , August 23, 1997 to be exact...when DenzMay finally became one as husband and wife.

Though our married life might not have been all that smooth that we wished & hoped for, those couple and so rough times helped us mature in time & at the same time enhanced our being good parents to our kids. Those rocky times have even made our love for each other even stronger & showed to us to be more faithful to each other and to God.

Today, we give our Thanks to God, but saying Thank You is just an understatement for how truly blessed DenzMay have become through the 9 years of being together as one and as a family. God truly is the meaning of all these beautiful things .

To our 3 Ds’ : Denzel, Dale & Diantha…you’re all the reasons Mama & Papa keeps shining on…you give Glow into our lives! We love you so much!

And to you my dearest Sunlight…My lover, my friend, my papa…my everything…your sterling love have given me everything that I ever dreamt & long for… Loving you is simply not enough…if God will give me another life… I will choose to be in your arms again and again. I love you with all my heart !

We dined once again in a Brazilian Restaurant to celebrate the occasion and this time it's in Brazil! Brazil, Rockwell and without the kids. The night was reserved all to ourselves ! whoohoo...And hubby even surprised me at the parking area when he handed me this beautiful bouquet ! Not to mention that he also gifted me another Tiffany which I accidentally spoiled coz' I found the surprise 2 weeks before the anniversary...hahaha...But anyways, I really can't believed it but I was so touched ... so speechless...he bought the gift in Singapore together with officemate Rangel during his 1 week official business travel. This now completes my other Tiffany graduated beads in bracelet & earrings which were his 2004 Christmas gift for me.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our Li'l Mr. President!

Our eldest son, on his 3rd grade at St. Elizabeth Seton School was elected Pangasinan Class' President yesterday. He was so excited to share with me his success when got home yesterday afternoon. I was so happy and proud of our li'l man ! I asked him how many of them nominated for the position, he said he was against 3 other girls. And during the election, he said he closed his eyes when it was his turn as the class raised their hands to vote ! he said he was really nervous and afraid that no one will vote for him...but he was wrong! He gathered almost haft of their class' votes! He got 12 votes against the 7 from the nominated 2nd rank. Then followed by 5 then 4...Whew! What an experience for this newly elected president. Now he wanted to be in school as early as possible to be of good example to his classmates. Hubby was so proud and so happy too! That was really his dream for our be a leader. With this experience, we beleive that Denzel will exercise & enhance more of his ability & knowledge as a student leader. Last school year, he was elected as their class ADONIS & Escort... and he represented their class during the Mr. & Ms. Personality Contest where he landed 3rd place. Congratulations Son ! We are so proud of you ! Keep up the good work!!! Luv Yah!!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

106th Wedding Monthsary (June 2006)

We celebrated our 106th Wedding Monthsary for this month of June, 2006. The kids enjoyed their meal at Fridays, Alabang Town Center. Then we headed to E.G.G. (Extreme Gaming Ground) wherein my boys are very much hooked up at this place where they can play games with an XBOX or PS2...well, good for me coz, I can actually leave them and do my shopping !'s a cool place specially inside the lounge wherein you can not just play games but, you can also sing-along with their video-oke, surf the net or just lazy around inside the lounge! Hubby joined their membership to avail special promo, VIP treatment & discounts. Happy Monthsary Sunlight! I Love You!!! Muah!!!

Thankies : EVAK_optimism, THEGIFT Pagekit by StaceyJewel, AMC_happykids_tag

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Celebrating Father's Day @ Poquito Mas, Splatino-Latino Resto

...a sumptous special father's day buffet lunch @ Poquito Mas, West Gate , Alabang...Honorable Mayor Bernabe of Paranaque and his Family were also there celebrating father's day sitted just behind us.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Advance Happy Papa's Day @ Picnic Grove, Tagaytay

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Papa...Happy Father's Day !

We Love you Papa.. You're the BEST ! Happy Father's Day... and to all Fathers, Dads, Tays, Amangs, Papas and however your family calls you...Happy Father's Day to all of you...More Blessings !

Thankies: TracieCollins_DadQP, HappyFathersDay_D2D

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Today , the 6th of June...i celebrated my birthday with my loving family. My aunt Paz together with her hubby & my cousin Daphne dropped by all the way from Pangasinan, after attending their scheduled interview at the US Embassy. My Father drove them here in our house but sadly, they needed to leave at once coz' they still had so many things to accomplish with regards to their US Visa Application to New Jersey.
Diantha also experienced severe vomiting after bathing this afternoon which alarmed us so much. It's our very first time to see her so weak and throw-up 5 times ! we then hurriedly sought her pedia's advise which fortunately had her clinic today. She advised us to give her some medications to stop her vomiting which however she didn't take anyway bec. all of a sudden she was feeling ok. I guess, it really was my sister in-law's new maid who unintentionally did this vomiting spell to her...or in short, "nabati" sya...I asked the maid whose already in her mid 50s i guess, to put a cross on her tummy, head and sole with her saliva...(that's how we do it here according to old beliefs which I do followed all my life..hehehe)before finally heading to the Las Pinas Doctors Hospital. To cut this story short, Diantha was well and sound when she woke up after our visit from the pedia. No anything, just plain saliva & a sound sleep were all she needed...hahaha. We then headed to my birthday celebration as planned . We celebrated in our on-going house being constructed in Cittadella...we prepared the place on the 3rd floor where we have our rooftop... but this time less my father and auntie as they left earlier as I mentioned awhile ago. MIL cooked her famous palabok & special Halo-halo. Fresh Lumpia & fried liempo...ube-macapuno cake & some drinks. A very simple yet relaxing celebration while watching the sunset and counting the airplanes taking off from the airport. The kids had some star gazing game as well...

We had fun and I was so relieved that Diantha's ok now...she's now back to normal..."so kulit" na uli hahaha...Thank GOD !

Happy Birthday to me !!! thank you guys who sent me their beautiful & warm wishes...thanks for remembering me on my very special day...
Thankies : LaurenGrier-IntensityB&Waddon, for their birthday surprise kit !

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